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Onderon Brave

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Onderon Brave - The RP of DOOM community
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Wondering what happened with Rafee and his long lost father? How will Cash ever recover from the vicious speeder accident when his lost love Kimberlan is too busy with her own needs and the possessed boma that haunts her. Will Milifar discover that the drexl is her lost love incarnated?

Find out on Onderon Brave.

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Or for something even more soap opera-ish, just come over to check out the Beyond Onderon : Electric Boogaloo sequel to the critically acclamied RP Mystery on Onderon. A giant collbarative piece, combining the talents of many authors throughout the Knights of the Old Republic fandom, Beyond Onderon has become something too big to be contained.

This is the place that will contain all sorts of things that won't go into the giant RP itself. Notes on characters and interactions, future events (spoilers all marked appropriately and possibly restricted to just members), art, deleted scenes, backstories, silly chat transcripts, Onderon Brave plots and whatever else we can think of.

For those people that are not involved in the RP, but still read it -- thanks guys, this one is for you.

The members that will have posting access (our cast) are as follows:

prisoner__24601 as Minuet Avery Revan and Malak
xenzen as Carth Onasi and Jolee Bindo
siujerkjai as Canderous Ordo, Bastila Shan+
miakun as Dustil Onasi, Faene Corr, and Jinon Antilles+
kosiah as Mekel Jin, Lashowe Starshine and Sion+
rose70 as Lydie Korr and Carth Onasi
athenaprime as Yuthura Ban, Juhani, Jahuurda, Li-Yhon+
tradley as Thalia May, Kreed
grimbles as Vrook Lamar, Mynian Jack
rimwalker as Xero, Vrook Lamar
plutospawn as Mission Vao
deej_pete as Rejic Vors
neon_cyber_eyes as Rahne Kryss, Gryffon, Arachnae+
cavortingmonkey as Jolee Bindo
noneko as the Kid

And if we don't all kill each other by the end of it. It's going to be a heck of a trip!

Super thanks to rimwalker for the awesome banner and main icon. And thanks to kosiah for the idea in the first place.
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