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The Epic Saga of Jinon and Sam Pt1
by Mia (miakun)
at June 5th, 2007 (08:29 pm)

Jedi Jinon Antilles. Padawan Antilles. Soon-to-be Knight Antilles. Jinon brushed a strand of brown hair behind her ears and let out a breath. No matter how many times she said it in her head, it was not going to sound any more real.

Being on Carratos and avoiding the frick out of Shooks who looked more like a devil-creature from children’s tales was easier to convince herself of. It figured for her pseudo almost Knight Trial that they wouldn’t tell her it’d be some boring planet with war, poverty, and no fun.

And she’d be paired up with the most boring person in the galaxy. Suna Aldrecht looked specifically like she’d swallowed an entire papayagranate. Jinon told her so.

Suna sneered at Jinon. “I am calculating our mission, Antilles. This is our first assignment on our own as Padawans, we are required to be well thought out.”

Jinon rolled her eyes as another native, all done up in face makeup, tats, and it looked like too many papayagranate glanced at her. She sighed and let out a breath. “We’re looking for a possible defected Jedi, Sooee, I doubt it’ll be that hard.” Jinon put her hands on her hips, she cleared her pipes. “Hey! Anyone have a lightsaber that’s not red?”

Suna’s face turned a satisfying shade of green as she stared at Jinon. “What are you--”

An Orange Twi’lek, done up in tats like the rest, but over his lekku came out of one of the main tents, one eyeridge arching.

Jinon smiled smugly at Suna.

“I had a rainbow-colored one,” he drawled. “But I gave it away last month. Can I help you?”

Suna stuttered when she talked, bumbling over each word. “T-tone F-fortan, w-we’re here on b-behalf of-of the J-edi--”

Jinon rolled her eyes. “We’re supposed to convert you back.” She snorted. “Well thass what I’m assumin’ since Jedi don’t kill and all we were told was to take care of the problem.” She glanced around. “Nice digs.”

He ignored Suna completely and flashed her a smile. “Thanks, Padawan -- Antilles, is it? Right. You guys had a good sound, shame you changed vocations. The Jedi don’t sing enough.”

Jinon felt a real smile break out on her face. Nobody had recognized her with the brown hair and after she’d had the talking down, most of the Padawans and Knights were more interested in pretending they didn’t know. She grinned back at him and moved closer. “Jinon.” She crinkled her nose. “Didn’t expect to find a fan this far out on the rim... Tone, was it?”

His smile could make ice on Hoth melt. “Call me Sam, darlin. Everyone else does.”

Jinon suddenly felt like her hair should be down, it was an easy little twitch of the nose and it was, careful and casual like that. She shook it out.

Suna made a coughing sound from behind her, bitch seemed to have caught her voice at perfect timing. “Tone Fortan, we’ve come to get you to reassess your values and rejoin the Order. The Civil War is still thriving, but the Imperialists have won. There is no reason for you to still be with these natives.”

Jinon curled some hair between her fingers. All the fluttering Sam was giving her was being counteracted by the sound of Suna’s voice.

The Twi’lek’s smile faded. He shook his head at the other Jedi. “No.”

Suna started to stutter again. “But--but that’s... y-you.” She clenched her thin hands, looking like she was trying to find the exact tenant in the Jedi code for this situation.

Jinon glanced around the area again. Was a little primitive, but nothing worse than some of the sublevels. And there was a great sky. She’d even heard something about an ocean. That’d be a killer.

She moved just an inch or two closer to Sam. “Well, I guess we’ll have to stay and try and convert you back, handsome.” She put her hand on her chest. “Jedi duty and all.”

He winked at her. “I’d love you to try, darlin, but we’re fighting a war here. The Imperialists may think they’ve won, but these sents --” he waved his hand around them “ -- disagree. And I promised them I’d help, see?”

Suna sighed. “But the Imperialists have joined the Republic under probation any Jedi relations would be--”

Sooee,” Jinon said glaring at her. “We’re Jedi. We’ll help.” She turned her smile into something else and shot it back at Sam. “‘sides. I don’t give up that easy, handsome.”

He chuckled. “If you’re trying to flirt with me it’s working.”

Jinon flashed a grin. “Oh you haven’t even seen me try, Sammy.”

Suna made a scoffing noise behind her.

Jinon stared at her toes in the air. Wiggled them and then stretched her calf muscles. It’d been two long weeks trying to convert Sammy back to the light side.

She dropped her legs and turned to lean on her elbow, staring at Sam’s eyes gave her more toe curls than Brist ever had. When he talked it sounded like-- it sounded like words finally had meaning. Hearing all about the injustices the Imperialists were putting on the Natives, the way it had touched Sammy. The way he’d finally felt something after all that long time of not feeling anything at all.

Jinon traced his mouth with her fingers. “I get why you picked a side, but why’d did you stay here for so long, Sam?”

He ran a hand down her side. “My side’s not winning, darlin.”

Way Jinon had heard it was that they’d already lost. “I gathered that, handsome,” she giggled. “But--” Jinon bit her lip, “is this the captain goin’ down with his ship, or something else?”

His lekku twitched. “I made these people a promise. Can’t back out on it now.”

Jinon shifted and kissed the offending lekku. “Yeah,” she said softly. “But they seem content on fightin’ well after they lose.” She tried to turn her frown into a pout, it was surprisingly easy. “I’m just tryin’ to understand the whole thing.”

“There’s nothing to understand. The Imperialists aren’t the forgiving type. If the rebels stop fighting they’re dead.”

Jinon flopped back on the hard ground with an, “Oof.” She covered her face with the back of her hand, peaking through her fingers. “Sounds like a bum deal.” Like not putting out enough holos to sell so fame got three seconds short of blowing up.

“Yeah.” He shrugged. “Course if the Emperor and his side had lost, the rebels wouldn’t be giving them hugs either so what do you do?”

What would Jinon do? She’d probably not be here in the first place. It was bound to get boring quickly. Aerren probably would have talked to each side and had them eating cakes and drinking tea. She let out a breath and stretched long and wide, before sitting up. “Seems a little silly t’me. I mean, there’s enough room on the planet for both of them.”

“It’s not silly to them.” Sam rolled over on his back, facing the door. “But for what it’s worth, you’re right.”

Jinon sighed and rolled her shoulders back. “Well it’s somethin’ to think about anyway.”

Jinon was staring out and trying to count the number of stars when Suna came back. It had been a few weeks, maybe months since she’d last seen her. Not that she cared. Jinon was sure she would have felt through the Force if Suna was eaten by a Shook. Probably.

Jinon rested her hand on her hip as Suna and her Cathar Master came up. It was no surprise Daddy or her own Master couldn’t make the trip. They’d never agreed about what had to be done about Aerren. Some people could live on Coruscant their whole lives, trip down to the subs and never get it.

Live, die. It’s all the same in the end. It’s about the people that care about you and Aerren’d been the only one that had really cared about her, and she returned the favor so if she ever got hold of that Sith Syndicate she was going to put a knife in each of their throats just to make sure she got Aerren’s killer.

At the moment she flashed a smile.

“Where are you robes, Padawan?” Master Sylvar said, frowning.

Jinon bet she was a real piss back in the good ol days. “Hi to you too.” She shrugged. “They weren’t cond-u-cive to the en-viro-ment.”

Suna gave her Master a look. Jinon was betting she wanted to jump on her toes and point at Jinon, See, see. The Jedi who knows that life is worth living is at it again!

Master Sylvar thinned out those furred lips of hers. “I’ve come to take you both back to Coruscant. This trial was obviously too strained for your undertaking.”

Suna bowed her head like a good shamed little Padawan.

Jinon shrugged. There was no way she was going back to Coruscant just yet. It was... she didn’t know what it was, but just the thought of it was making her feel closed in. Trapped. “Then why didn’t you tell us that before?”

The Cathar master showed a bit of teeth. “We had too much hope for your abilities, Padawan Antilles.”

Sometimes Jinon wondered what Aerren would have been like if he hadn’t been a Jedi. Would he have been helping out in the underlevels, married with kids by now? Would he have still been alive? Would he have made fun of their proper stuck up ways with her?
Well it didn’t matter. He wasn’t here anymore.

Jinon sighed. “Well, I guess that’s that then.”

Master Sylvar raised a furry eyebrow, almost impossible to make out in the cresting light. “I had not expected you to be agreeable for our leave. I must say, Padawan I am impressed at your--”

“Oh, I’m not coming,” Jinon flashed a grin. “I guess I quit.”

Suna had her head up now and was spluttering. “B-but you can’t! You’re going to stay here and help the insurgents?”

Jinon wondered briefly what she’d look like with those face tats, but decided against it. “For now, sure. Figure I could travel around the galax, check out the other side of things.” Iara was always telling her about Zeltros.

“Jinon,” Master Sylvar said harshly. “You cannot allow yourself to give into attachment for the--” The Cathar sighed and rubbed her temple, looking for the first time out of her stuck up Jedi mode. “I wish you’d reconsider.”

Jinon snorted. “Really?”

“Of course. Your Aerren Antilles was an asset to our entire Order, you have the potential to--”

Jinon held up her hand. “Let’s get one thing straight. I will never be my brother.” Looking up and actually climbing up there were two completely different things. “But thanks.”

Suna was still gawking at her.

Jinon smacked her on the shoulder. “Just tell ‘em I died in some horribly tragically brilliant way.”

Suna gasped. “Y-you!”

Master Sylvar bowed and put her clawed hand on Suna’s shoulder. “Come along, Padawan.”

Suna did what she was told, but her brain didn’t seem to match up to her feet and she kept turning around to gawk until they were out of range.

Jinon dug her feet into the dirt a little and smirked. “You listen to that whole thing or just the good bits?” she called back behind her.

An amused chuckle came from a nearby tent. “You have choobies, Red -- when they sent my master after me I hid in the forest.”

Jinon snorted and goose-stepped towards him. “That wasn’t my master. Mine’s too old to breathe.”

“Oh, well that explains it.” He stepped out through the tent flaps and pushed back his hood. “Cathar aren’t the most convincing Jedi anyways. If they’d sent Tett after you, now -- I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune.”

Jinon giggled and snaked her arms around him, resting her weight on him. “I’m shakin’ in my boots. Really.”

His t’chin brushed her neck. “I like the way you shake, darlin.”

Jinon hugged him tighter and moved a little more than shaking, with another giggle. “I can tell.”

He snorted. “Perceptive, for an ex-Padawan.”

Jinon let out a breath and didn’t have to work hard to make her frown into a pout. It was just default. “Ex-Band member, Ex-Solo Artist, Ex-Padawan. I hate havin’ nothing current.” Although being triple X was worth a giggle.

Sam snorted. “You can be a revolutionary with me and die a glorious useless death.”

Revolutionary sounded good on paper, but that useless death didn’t sound too fun. Jinon lifted her head and rested her chin on Sam’s chest. “I’d be pretty choked up if you died, useful or useless, handsome.”

He sighed, tangling her hair. “I feel the same, hon. I’m getting kinda used to having you around.”

She grinned and tiptoed up to kiss him, then grinned. “Guess I’ll havta stick around then, huh?”

He kissed her back. “Or we could run away together. Find some other planet with a bloody civil war full of idiots trying to kill each other.”

That sounded like it should be a song, playing in the background of some holoplay, but Jinon couldn’t think of anything other than sappy lyrics about the color of his eyes and the sunset. Sam’s eyes were green.

“Think Zeltros has a civil war goin’ on anytime soon?” Jinon smiled impishly. “Or Ord Mantell?” They had great shopping centers, she’d heard and some new outfits and a hair style was just dying to be bought for kicking the Jedi to the side.

“We could start one.” He winked at her.

Jinon grinned and slipped her hands under his shirt. “Poor Jedi, shoulda sent a pretty girl after you instead of Master Tett.”

He chuckled. “Maybe that’s why they sent you, darlin.”

“Will of the Force, huh?” Jinon cocked an eyebrow. “Sounds like a line, Orange.”

He laughed. “It kinda does, doesn’t it?” He nuzzled her ear. “You get all my best lines.”

Her toes curled in the ground and she ran her fingers over his ribs. “I’ll make it up to you.” She leaned into the kiss, easy and sweet and almost too perfect. She was sure regret for leaving the Jedi was going to come sometime. Probably. Maybe about the same time any regret for any other quick decision came up. Right now, not so much.

She pulled back and winked back at him. “If we’re leavin’ lets say we go out with a bang, huh handsome?”

He raised a lekku. “What did you have in mind?”

“Please,” Jinon scoffed going for his belt and taking it off in one quick movement, pushing him back towards the tent. “You don’t grow up in the lower levels and not know how to make a pip’a bomb.”

“I always knew you had skills.” He reached for the snaps on her vest with the Force. His hands grabbed her arms, propelling her with him on top of the bed.

Jinon straddled his waist. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, Sam.” She tugged at his pants. “And you ain’t seen nothing yet.”