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Mia [userpic]
by Mia (miakun)
at January 31st, 2006 (05:45 pm)

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So from an upcoming Min and Dustil post Dustil will wander off (OMG SPOILER) so here's what he does in case anyone was interested.

My arthritis was acting up so it's not where I wanted it - I blame the hands when it's the brain that wasn't working, lol. But it's not in an actual post anyway so pbbht.

Dustil stared blandly at the street marketers looking for someone that sold half decent cigarras. He didn't feel like smoking back on woodchips or whatever else they tore up and rolled into something resembling a cigarra. He glanced through stand after stand of Rodians selling pasty fish-like substances. Zeltrons with perfumes and makeups that Dustil took a long step away from (it was already beginning to attract a crowd of pheromone hungry males). Bothans with a wide array of weaponry and long cultured artifacts - probably stolen. The Trandoshan row of shops was torn up and looked like there were a few scorch marks, probably since they were next to the Gammoerans that were selling -- cupcakes it looked like.

Dustil decided life was short and went over to get one, before stopping short as something caught his eye. He turned around slowly and stared at two lightsabers lined up beside tons of trash and salvage. Like diamonds in a garbage dump.

"See something you like?" a calm low voice shook Dustil out of his staring.

He glanced up at the vendor and jerked back when red eyes on blue skin stared at him. It took him another second to recognise the vendor as someone not the Chiss. Just a Chiss - not her. His hands were shaking. He shoved them in his pockets. "How much for the cylinders."

The chiss' lips curled up. "You mean the lightsabers, friend?"

Dustil glared. Tried to stare at the Chiss' hair, it was different. He was male for one thing. Not Alia. He took a deep breath. "Yeah, how much?"

"Both?" The chiss picked them up carefully waved them in his hands.

Dustil's eyes wavered to the familiar one. Curved around the edges, barely used but still his. Had been shoved under that sleeve enough times to remember. Would come out red, like a laigrak's eye. He got it from HER. Weighted slightly, a small chip where it had banged against the cave wall while he was running---

Dustil looked away.

"Well?" The Chiss was glancing at other people walking across, his eyes shifted - the blood red matching the lightsaber crystal that Dustil knew was still in the hilt.

Dustil glanced at the other blue hand, half in a glove - enough showing to recognise the fingers that gripped a black double blade. He shook his head. Something fogged the back of his mind.

His hands slip down her arms, tracing small indentations on their way and tightening his grip. "You've gotten good, Lyd."

She is silent, just quirks her lip and lifts one eyebrow. Pride radiates from both of them. Work, dedication, and improvement.

Dustil sighs and frowns at the lighstaber. Jedi issue hilt. Nicks and dents - worn in. "Both," he says resignedly.

The chiss smiles and Dustil holds back a shudder. "One thousand. Each."

"What?" Dustil balks. His eyes twitches. "They're not even worth that much - they're broken."

The Chiss' red eyes cloud for a moment and he looks down. "They are not."

Dustil holds out his hand. "I'll show you."

The Chiss frowns but hands the lightsaber over. Dustil's hands tighten around it, feeling the slight feedback of familiarity traversing through the bond.

Somewhere across Nar Shaddaa Mekel is ignoring him. Talking to someone. Maybe Mynian. Dustil hopes she's at least plesant. He doubts it.

He activates it, focusing on the crystal inside - obviously too hard for a non Force user to get out. Luckily. It shakes and comes out with a shakey red light, barely palpitale. "See," he grins smugly and deactivates it before handing it back.

The Chiss sniffs. "Fine. One Thousand for both."

Dustil crossed his arms over his chest. "Five hundred, and throw in two packs of those cigarras," he noticed them in the corner. Good brand, didn't think they sold them on Nar Shaddaa.

The Chiss brought his blue lips around his teeth in a sneer. "That's outrageous."

"That's a Sith lightsaber," Dustil pointed meaningfully. "You either have me offering you a good price for it and it's little friend or you get someone else less understanding just taking it."

There was a long moment. "Seven Fifty."

Dustil sighed. That left him with two hundred for whatever else they needed. He shrugged and figured he'd just let the former dark Lord of the Sith pay for whatever else they needed - she had enough as it was. He'd left some jewelry in case Mekel wanted to go out and buy some clothes and breakfast. A smirk crossed his face as he pictured Mekel walking through Nar naked and he stared at the Chiss, his eyes darting away again.


He shoved the credits forward and took the lightsabers and cigarras before shoving them in his bag.

And Lydie in her next post will have book excerpts.

I wrote them. Haha.

So here's the one from the post and a couple more I shoved at her randomly to choose.

Tales of Onderon by Zhar Delis

(take 1)

On arrival to the remote planet of Onderon I was expecting many things. A rich Jedi history entrusted from Ossus and our own Nomi Sunrider and Cay Qel-Droma when they stayed here for help during the beastrider wars. I also, on my first mission on my own with more Padawans than I'd care to name, I expected Trouble.

Master Lamar has been good with keeping to the city and taking Padawan Atris and Vash with him. Which helps considerably, as there seems to be unhealthy feelings all around between the four of them. Of course they are all young Padawans on the cusp of immaturity in a new order. That time is always remembered. Vrook was in his own time worse than Vin, although I'd better not get into that on paper.

It is hotter than I expected and I am a shame to my Rylothian ancestry to have trouble hiking through the Onderonian Wilds. Vin and Kavar seem to be keeping up at it better and I blame their young backs on it. I am afraid that I'm finally getting old enough to earn this Master title that they seem to want to bestow on me.

The natives seem pleasant enough - although they refuse to aid our cause. Although spending more time on Onderon I can see why. The blatant prejudice and harassment to any beastrider that comes into Iziz is ridiculous and I'm surprised it hasn't been made a note of before. But the Order can only reach so far and as long as there are no wars, we will have to deal with attempting to aid the local monarchy who asked for the Republic's assistance.

Which is not going well, as we cannot seem to convince any of the beast riders to join up in the city. Kavar, Vin and I are staying with the Takx family who heard a tribe of their own. The infrastructure is much more complicated than we previously thought, but so far we have had no trouble with offending them. On the contrary the young Padawans seem to have trouble keeping up with the crass and headstrong attitudes of the beast riders - even the women.

Especially the women.

I'll have to make a note to watch out for it, although with some of them, I doubt I have to worry much. For now at least. Padawans always try, no matter what we tell them otherwise.

(take 2)

Day 22.

We seem to have discovered some new species of fish not known to much of the Onderonian infrastructure. The natives gutted and ate the fish before I could explain this. They didn't seem to care either way.

Kavar and Vin have found new and inventive ways to entertain themselves - none of which seem to be meditating. The weather has begun to get to me as well, I feel I'm disembarking on my Rylothian heritage and becoming a true Jedi - pasty and unable to stand the weather. The youngest Takx boy seems to keep interest in everything that comes along. He and his brothers have taken well to Vin - who has been showing them some new techniques with their beastrider skills.

I have come to find that this primitive form of Force persuasion on the animals is its own majestic creature. They seem to have no ability to turn it towards more normal meditation and Jedi techniques (even from what Vin has been showing them about using bomas to trip up Kavar --only to lead to a fight that the entire tribe seems to enjoy-- as I said, they've been initiating themselves extremely well). But some of the levels in the beast riders are off the charts. So far my attempts at convincing them to try and come to Coruscant garnered no reaction. They seem to be happy where they are. And upon seeing the quiet life they lead, I cannot blame them.

I have to make a note to myself to watch out for Kavar, earlier warnings of him cavorting with the females of the tribe have narrowed down to just one. One of the stronger Force users I've seen, although she snorted when I even mentioned Coruscant and like the others does not believe it is the Force. She seems to be able to take care of herself, and I believe is betrothed to one of the Takx tribe, but it is hard to keep track. Nonetheless keeping an extra eye on Kavar would never do me any harm.

I'm sweating onto the page now, so I suppose that's a my cue to get some refreshment. Dehydrated future masters do no one any good.

Steps and Paths Away and To the Darkside, by Xaset Terap

Revan and Ulic.

Those are the names that are whispered in Padawan dorms. Those are the names that strike fear and a little bit of tumultuous pride at the fact that a Jedi could fall that far and still come back.

They were Jedi and they were powerful. They were redeemed.

Hard as it may be to believe, there are people out there that do not appreciate the death of thousands over a strong Jedi's trip to redemption. There are people who don't understand why a Jedi could not be good and loyal in the first place - why the taint of the darkside was so easy to give in to.

These people don't know what it's like to taste the seduction of the darkside. The absolute and complete sense of control it seems to give you when you touch it - taste it. These people don't know what it's like to be called to by an Ulic or a Revan. To be called upon as worthy of their grandeur. These people don't know the temptation.

These people are the mothers, the fathers, the sons, the daughters, the cousins, the neighbors, that all lost everything - their loved ones, because we, as peace bringers could not control ourselves in that slow steady fall to redemption.

And in accepting that, a Jedi can finally begin to understand what it means to be a Knight. A protector of the realm.