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Dinah [userpic]
by Dinah (siujerkjai)
at January 23rd, 2006 (09:10 am)

Better late than never, right? Here's a little belated birthday present for our own kosiah. Written with love and miakun.


“It’s amazing how large the Mandalore’s vocabulary is.” Corr crossed her arms under her chest. “Care to elaborate on why? Because I don’t listen to that response from our son. I sure as hell am not going to listen to it from you.”

He turned to face her, squaring off, his arms crossing over his chest as well. “She’s crazy, Corr.”

“She’s free spirited.” Corr smirked.

Canderous raised an eyebrow. “In my day we called it drugged.”

“Hey.” Corr started moving her finger forward to shake at him, causing the lone bell still in her hair to clink. “That was a while ago. Except for some escapades, Blondie’s been clean. Besides, it’s not like you never had any stims.” She arched a slow eyebrow. “In your day.”

“There are stims, and then there are psychotropic drugs that are illegal in every populated system in the galaxy.” Canderous shrugged. “If we were looking to smuggle spice, she’d be the first one I’d comm.” His gaze turned hard. “But this is our son.”

“Aww.” Corr patted him on the arms still across his chest. “You’re worried. That’s cute.”

“I’m serious, Faene. Every time she shows up, our kid ends up naked with bells in his hair.”

Corr turned around as their son came bounding up and attacked her leg. She hoisted him up in one motion and rested him on her hip. “Yes. Our child. As in part mine–” Ori tried to grab at the one bell in her hair; she tilted her head away. “And I want him to have part of my heritage as well.” She glanced at their son. “The naked is all him. Probably gets it from you, Canderous.”

Canderous grunted and looked down at the boy. “Udesii, ad.” Ori furrowed his brow and made a small growling noise in his throat. Canderous almost smiled, but the smile faded as he met Corr’s eyes again. “This isn’t a Beastrider camp. You want him to learn about your ways, take him to Onderon. I don’t see why Blondie needs to come here.”

“And I don’t see why I have to bring him all the way to Onderon every time I want him to learn something.” She shifted Ori on her hip again. “Dxun was our riding home before it was your camp.”

He scowled at her. “Well, it’s my camp now. She’s not coming.”

“Really?” Corr arched an eyebrow. “Well, I suppose if I can’t hang with Lashowe… I can just spend more quality time with Nerien. I know how you love having her around.”

Two days later...

Canderous’s face was impassive as he watched the shuttle touch down. Ori ran forward on chubby legs to greet the young blonde woman who stepped out the hatch. The woman laughed and scooped him up, and Ori immediately grabbed at the bells in her hair with greedy fists.

Canderous felt something knock into the backs of his leg and scowled down at the little blonde girl that had tackled his right calf. “Usenye, Leni.” She just giggled up at him.

Kelborne and Nerien walked up to stand beside him, their son, Brec, in his usual place riding on Kelborne’s back. Nerien regarded Canderous with an amused grin.

“I prepare the guest bunker?”

“Just go,” Canderous growled. “And take Leni with you,” he added, shaking his leg. Leni giggled again as she bounced up and down on his foot. Nerien bent down and picked the girl up, looking like she was trying very hard not to laugh.

Canderous scowled again and turned to Kelborne. “Not a word.”

Turning away from Kelborne’s sympathetic smile, he watched while a grinning Corr approached, Lashowe and Ori in tow, and frowned, wondering when exactly he’d lost command of his own camp.

“Never try to fight a woman, Kelborne. Especially if she’s your wife.”

“I know, Mandalore. I know.”


Posted by: Mia (miakun)
Posted at: January 23rd, 2006 03:27 pm (UTC)
Faene Corr (Tales of Onderon)

Hah I love the ending. Lashowe is so much fun and Ori's so cute - in a Mandalorian type way of course.

you did email kos to tell her this was up right? cos people just assume that everyone obsessively checks lj like me

Posted by: kosiah (kosiah)
Posted at: January 25th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)

“I’m serious, Faene. Every time she shows up, our kid ends up naked with bells in his hair.”

That's our girl :)

I love this Canderous. It's a really nice slice of life from the AU RP-verse. Should add to defed. Should also write more!!

Thanks you for lovely present!

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