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Mia [userpic]
by Mia (miakun)
at December 27th, 2005 (08:34 pm)

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Happy Birthday cavortingmonkey! (didn't want to leave you with sloppy seconds!)

Nerien was leaned over on the bunker door, silently watching as Vess went over the datapad again. Kel shifted the toddler on his knee and leaned in closer to get a better look. Vess turned to glare at him and put one small hand on his chest shoving him back. "Vess reading!" he barked in Mandalorian.

Kel snorted and leaned back in his chair, catching Nerien's amused smile from the door. Kel closed one eye trying to focus on the shifting datapad that was scrawled out all in basic with various bits and pieces of statistics. Vess seemed none the wiser and was glaring at it, willing himself to be able to understand all the scrawl. After a few frustrating minutes he promptly put down the datapad, crossed his arms and said, "Done."

Kel nodded thoughtfully and drew his fingers out so he could grab the datapad, "Was it a good story?"

The blonde-toddler shook his head. "Needs more battle."

"Too boring for you, huh?" his eyes caught Nerien's who looked more than slightly amused, but said nothing. Vess scowled at the datapad and Kel tapped it against his other knee. "What happened?"

Vess huffed. "There was a circle and a monster and a big ugly rancor that danced with the monster and then there was a big metal troch and four giants."

"Sounds exciting enough," Kel said, glancing at the datapad noting that it was a farming anaylsis of a territory on Onderon. "What was wrong with it."

Vess sighed and kicked his bare feet. "Hero died."

Kel put the datapad to the side and rested his hand on Vess' shoulder. "Who was the hero?"


This time when he met Nerien's gaze her eyes were hard and her jaw had stiffened. Kel shifted Vess to face him, but the boy just stared petulantly at his knees. "Well. I've got a better story."

Vess sniffed and tugged on his tunic. "Is there battle?"

"Yup, battle and fighting and violence and pride," Kel brushed back some of the hair from Vess' face and smiled at him. "You want to hear it?"

Vess gave a limp shrug.

Kel took that as a yes. "Well it takes place after a very violent and long war. After the war all the clans were spread apart with no one to lead them. So with no one to lead them and no one standing up to take the rightful place as Mandalore, one hero decided to take that place - decided to unite the clans that the hero was able to. Together and make Ordo better."

Vess glanced up, the pout slipping off his lips. "And?"

"And eventually, this led to all the clans coming together to unite under the new and current Mandalore. None of which would have happened without the hero."

Vess nodded. "What's the hero's name?"

"Nydra Ordo."

The toddler apparently decided this was acceptable and curled closer to Kel, wrapping a chubby arm around his. "More battle."

Kel snorted again and lifted his leg so Vess fell back. He wrapped an arm around the young boy and picked up another datapad. "Alright, so this one is fairly violent, funny too. Can I read it?"

Vess nodded and leaned his head against Kel's chest to stare at the datapad.

Kel began to tell the story all the while catching Nerien's gaze by the door. She smiled silently at him and disappered out of the bunker. "A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..."


Posted by: Mia (miakun)
Posted at: December 28th, 2005 04:25 am (UTC)
Gryffindor CONVERSE

It's EARLY, I'm sure they'll get better. ... I think.

Vess, at least, won't be chewing any furniture, .

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